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Recycle & Waste Reduction

Greenland Waste Disposal's recycling services included collection of recyclable material from residential, commercial and industrial customers.

We recycle a variety of materials, including:

  • MIXED PAPER: Envelopes, Magazines, Catalogues, Paperbacks, Writing Paper, Paper Bags, Mail.
  • NEWSPAPER: All newspaper material
  • CARDBOARD: Boxes & Other Corrugated Cardboard (smooth on outside, wavy in middle)
  • THIN CARDBOARD: Any thin cardboard such as Shoe Boxes, Cereal & Cookie Boxes, Paper Egg Cartons, Toilet Paper Rolls, etc.
  • RESIDENTIAL RECYCLING CARTS: Comingled recycling, paper cardboard, clean tin, and clean plastic all in one bin, no sorting required.
  • FL COMMERCIAL RECYCLING: Cardboard and paper (No Contamination)

Our managers are skilled at taking care of recoverable material that is marketed to post-consumer mills for the best attainable product value.

Through our network of recycling collection services and recovery facilities, we work hard to help our customers reduce waste generation and increase recovery rates.