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Rules & Regulations

SHIPPERS RESPONSIBILITY: In Saskatchewan, new legislation makes consignors (shippers) equally liable for overweight and over-dimensional violations under certain conditions. The strategy behind this law is to assist in:

  • Preserving the Road System - Improving Truck & Public Safety
  • Providing a Level Playing Field

The Highways and Transportation Act, 1997 Section 37(13) states the following:

Sec.37(13): If a consignor of goods, or the consignor's agent of employee, knowingly causes a vehicle not owned by the consignor to be loaded with goods or a building, object or contrivance so that when the vehicle operates on a public highway, the operating or moving of that vehicle contravenes section 36 or the regulations made persuant to clauses 69(1)(n) to (s) or (v) to (oo), the consignor and carrier are jointly and severely liable for the contravention.


What is meant by shipper responsibility?

In addition to carriers, the new law makes shippers equally liable for overweight and over-dimensional violations. It does not remove any of the responsibility from carriers.

As a shipper, once the load leaves our premises, will I be held responsible for any illegal center activity?

Based on the understanding that the load was legal when it left your premises, you will not be held liable for any subsequent illegal carrier activity.

Who will be responsible for an overweight vehicle involving more than one shipper?

It will be the carrier's responsibility to ensure that partial - combined loads do not exceed what the vehicle should legally haul.

When I have no means of knowing the commodity or vehicle weight before it leaves my premises, will I be responsible if the load is overweight?

No, you would not be held responsible. If the weight of commodity is unknown, it remains on the carrier to ensure the vehicle is is not loaded beyond the load limit.

*Information from Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation

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