Residential Recycling Cart

We can handle a wide variety of recyclable materials including cardboard, newspapers, mixed paper and thin cardboard.

SINGLE STREAM: clean plastics, tin, etc.

MIXED PAPER: Envelopes, magazines, catalogue, paperbacks, writing paper, paper bags, mail.

NEWSPAPER: All newspaper print.

CARDBOARD: Boxes and other corrugated cardboard (smooth on the outside, wavy in the middle).

THIN CARDBOARD: Any thin cardboard such as shoe boxes, cereial boxes, and cookie boxes, paper egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, etc.

In many areas, we offer single stream recycle. This allows residents to recycle Paper, Cardboard, Clean Tin and Clean Plastic. All placed in the same hand cart without having to sort and separate. Most items come from your kitchen, laundry room or pantry.

Check out the Yes/No Recycling Only sheet below.