Greenland Waste Disposal LtdAll our good ideas are going to waste!
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About Greenland Waste

 "OUR BEST IDEAS ARE GOING TO WASTE & We would like to share them with you!"

WASTE is an integral part of every household, business, and community. We are dedicated to bringing environmentally sound and fiscally responsible solutions to the WASTE Management sector in city and rural areas for residential, construction, industrial and commercial waste.

Our Customers Make Us 100% Saskatchewan Owned & Operated

At Greenland Waste Disposal, we do our best to bring quality and reliability into every service we provide.

Our reliability comes with careful planning and proven systems. We have experienced drivers who understand the importance of routine and use maximum efficiency in all the services they deliver.

With our qualified office and administration staff, you can rely on us for accurate billing and excellent communication. If you need services, or repairs on our equipment, we will arrange the servicing quickly and efficiently. After hours, you can always leave a message or send us an email at or use our online contact form.

Our Commitment:
is to ensure satisfaction from sales to service...solving waste & recycling problems allows our customers to focus on THEIR business.